Thoughts On “The Soul Through All Hell”

Can you believe that the day has finally come to release the recent novel! Yes, I know it is short, but I feel that it has a powerful message that we all need to hear. At its heart, the book is about love and kindness and listening for those “still small voices.”

Sometimes I absolutely agonized with Ethan, the primary character in this book. I guess it is because I understood where Ethan was coming from during this fight. I think we all see a bit of Ethan in ourselves.

Do you ever wonder where it is you go when you die? What will it be like? It really hit me that those we love are literally right here on earth with us and this is where they are spending their time as they wait on Christ’s ultimate return.

This book turned out to be less about Ethan than I thought. It turned out to more about you and me and how we relate to each other and how it is a commandment to not only love each other but get over ourselves. I realized while I was writing this short book that it is exactly what we all need to do.

Do you know why most people leave a church? It is because of people. As you read this book, keep that in mind that we are the “rock of offense.”

I once heard that “personal character is what you do when nobody is looking.” Is that how we are as Christians? Do we lead double lives that lead people down the wrong path while we are dead set on thinking we are doing good?

I think this book has more to do with Jesus being a “Friend of sinners,” and how we often forget that and we misunderstand what that means. I thought a lot about the story about the woman at the well when I was writing this.

Now, you guys know me, and you know that I am a “pantser,” meaning that I write by the seat of my pants. While I wrote this book that way, I also thought deeply about how Jesus was a friend of sinners and how he hated the sin, but he really loves US sinners.

Put yourself in the shoes of the woman at the well. There was a woman who the entire world, or so it seemed, knew all about her sin. They knew all about the things that she had done wrong. They knew that she was not of the highest moral character. But she ran into the city saying “Come see a man who told me all about myself and he didn’t even know me!” Let me tell you, that story is about as powerful as it gets and it should hit us all right in the gut.

Do we love the sin, but hate the sinner? Or do we only pretend to love the sinner and cast judgment in our special way?

That is what this book is really about. Loving the sinner, even with the sin.

You can order your e-book copy by using the link over on the side. If you would, please share that link and pass it around. If you read the book and it really sticks to your heart, then consider giving to somebody as a gift. I wrote this book with the intention of it being a fast read for a missionary on a plane, a quiet evening at home, or to simple reflection—so keep that in mind.

Make sure you keep loving each other and stay safe. Always forgive and always look past what you think somebody may have done to you. Even though you might have personal knowledge or personal revelation, you most likely do not know the complete story.

Wishing you the very best,

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