Not all of the world is in turmoil

I just saw where our Governor here in Texas has called in the National Guard to help control the protestors in Austin. That is not all that far away from where I just snapped this picture. I shot this while my wife and I were out for an evening drive and the turmoil is happening only about 40 miles or from where we are at. That was the furthest thing from my mind when I shot this picture. In fact, I didn’t even think of a caption, let alone a blog post.

Tonight was a great evening in an unfamiliar town with my wife. We stopped into a local cafe and enjoyed some quiet time there. Then we traveled down the road a ways and walked into a candy store where I bought the store out of the legendary chewing gum brand, Beeman’s. My wife got some candy and bought a gift for a dear friend. Then we took a drive and stopped at a park and I shot this picture and several others.

On the drive back to the hotel I saw an alert that said the Governor had given the order for the National Guard to go and confront outraged protesters. I told my wife, how I thought there would be trouble. Now I am waiting for the first reported death or serious injury to come in. You know it is coming.

But here is the thing with that, too. Americans are dying at the hands of their government. While it is very much a race issue, it is also an American issue where too often, our police and military are being used to silence our voices and quiet our disgust and revolt against them.

Now, I know that is a pretty bold statement and some of you will rightfully disagree with me. But regardless, it is a fact. We Americans are not a perfect as we seem. Let that sink in for a minute and get back with me. When was the last time most Americans remember this sort of thing?

It was the Johnson administration and the Vietnam conflict. The kids took to the streets and were outraged. Governors around the country called in the national guard. Nixon did it, too. Just as it was then, we find ourselves full-circle today. Hopefully, the movement won’t stop like it did then. Hopefully, they will keep the fight coming and stand against the death machines that are killing our citizens in the streets.

With this picture, I am reminded that while some of the world is in some kind of turmoil tonight, not all of it is. But does that make it right? In small towns across America tonight they are going about life like they always have. They are shopping at locally owned shops and enjoying the good life. But let’s not forget to mention that most of them are Lilly white and squeaky clean. They don’t have to worry about the race riots, the police killing their children and the mayhem that is brewing everywhere else. Why? Because they don’t think that it is their problem and it doesn’t affect them. For that reason, they just don’t want to get involved. They just want to live in peace. But peace doesn’t solve the problem.

If an African American moved into a place like Burnet, Texas could they enjoy the same, equal life as the whites? Of course not. Sadly, a White or Hispanic would have a problem living a peaceful, free and prosperous life there, too. Because they just want to live in peace and quiet and leave the bickering to the big cities.

If we are truly going to change, we need a major change of heart and this euphoria that dots our land needs to be disrupted deep within our hearts.

So all while much of the world is in turmoil, much of it is at peace. That peace and peace of mind is why things, at least here in America will never change.

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