Gulf Coast Residents Are Keeping Watch On The Tropics

Gulf Coast residents are keeping a close eye on the tropics as two systems loomed out in the Atlantic Basin on Tuesday.

The destiny of these tropical waves is still very uncertain but residents and government officials are planning and watching closely, getting ready for “just in case.”

Here in Corpus Christi and South Texas they are still putting things back together from Hurricane Hanna, which struck the area less than one month ago. That storm made landfall just south of Corpus Christi and flooded homes in the Rio Grande Valley. A second storm is not what they need or want.

Forecasters say that the first wave which is now out over the Leeward Islands could be in the Western Gulf of Mexico by early next week. NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft are scheduled to fly in on Thursday and investigate. By then, forecasters should have a better idea about what they future holds.

But some residents here are not taking any chances. While they are watching the tropics, they are picking up things like extra water, non-perishable food and batteries—items that every coastal resident knows to keep handy this time of year.

Forecasters say that they are closely monitoring developments in both systems as conditions become favorable for development and as we enter the traditional peak of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Like the forecasters, residents along the coast will just watch, wait and prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws their way.

Reporting from Corpus Christi, Texas I’m Matt Pierce. All rights reserved. For booking or scheduling information please email Matt directly using this link or call 361-730-3499.

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