Texas Gulf Coast Residents Begin To Prepare For Laura and Marco

As Marco continues to cling to life some residents along the Texas Gulf Coast are making preparations for what could be a major hurricane later in the week. The threat that Laura is posing to the Texas Gulf Coast has even caused some leaders to call for evacuation orders. 

The City of Galveston Mayor Pro Tem Craig Brown has issued a voluntary evacuation for residents living in low-lying areas and west of the end of the Seawall in advance of Tropical Storm Laura. That order became effective 1 p.m. Monday. 

The City of Galveston is asking that all non-residents make plans to leave the island and that includes those who are staying in RV parks and campgrounds. 

They are also making preparations to evacuate nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the city, although officials did not clarify exactly what that plan was or where those special needs evacuees would be going. 

Governor Greg Abbott ordered more than 100 members with the Texas Army, Air National Guard, Texas State Guard, and the Texas Military Department to be activated and prepositioned throughout the state of Texas ahead of Marco and Laura.

Gov. Abbott said that FEMA has approved his request for a federal emergency declaration. FEMA is authorized to provide emergency protective measures limited to direct Federal assistance & reimbursement for mass care including evacuation & shelter support at 75% federal funding.

Elsewhere, Port Arthur Mayor Thurman Bartie plans on issuing a mandatory evacuation of the city, beginning tomorrow at 6 AM.

As far as other evacuations in the Houston area, the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) said that contraflow would only be implemented as a last resort on IH 45 North Frwy, IH 69 Eastex, IH 10 Katy, and US 290 and only after local authorities mandate evacuations. 

Laura is currently expected to make a landfall later this week along the SE Texas Coast, possibly as a Category 2 hurricane.

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