Just something about a bridge

The Harbor Bridge in Corpus Christi, Texas was originally opened in 1959. A new replacement bridge is being erected near to it that is scheduled to open in the next few years. Photo: Matt Pierce

There is just something about a bridge that I really love. But this picture right here really speaks to my heart in a strange kind of way. It reminds me that we all just need a little more understanding to bridge the gap.

There is no doubt in my mind that America is in one of the most polarized climates in it’s young life. Politically and socially America is deeply divided perhaps only seen worse one other time. I often get a feeling that part of this showdown stems from people not being able to build bridges.

This picture has an old bridge next to a new bridge that is under construction. That old bridge has been used since 1959 and it still has plenty of useful life in it. But it’s nearing the end of it’s life cycle.

Next to it is a new, younger bridge that is still under construction. It has its flaws and it has a long way to go before it’s completed and ready to enter service safely.

This picture says to me that everyone and everything has a purpose and a place. The bridge across the gap needs to be strengthened with patience and understanding. That old bridge was one young, too. That new bridge will one day become old.

I see the young bridge fighting for it’s place next to the old bridge. I see the old bridge fighting for a place next to the new bridge. The way life works is that the future is with the new bridge, the old bridge has seen itself and it’s days come and go. But even then, that old bridge still has a lot of life and there is plenty to learn from it. We just need to bridge that gap—together.

To order a print of this photo please email matt@mattpierceblog.com today or click the link here.

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