Facebook refuses to remove video of sex worker and child as a naked man stands in front of them

On Wednesday morning a Facebook page claiming to be “news” posted a video of a former transit authority board member from Corpus Christi, Texas standing naked while talking to a sex worker and pointing at something or someone. As he is standing there naked you clearly see a small child walk behind the sex worker and the naked man. How disturbing, right? Sadly, it gets worse.

As of Friday morning, November 20, 2020 at 3:43 in the morning Central Time this video is still up on the “news site” and has over 6,500 views. Over 300 people admitted reporting the disgusting video to Facebook. They refuse to remove the video of the naked man, the sex worker and the child because it doesn’t violate their community standards. Facebook defends their position saying that the child is not clearly identified and that the person behind the page, whatever his motives might truly be, is considered “news” and that the video is the man’s freedom of speech and the press.

Facebook has been called under fire lately for their political activity, but apparently this is up to standard.

The page in question is published by a man named John Medina who is a recently defeated candidate for mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas. He is embattled in a lawsuit for calling local Orthodox Christians “terrorists” and his home suspiciously burnt down the day before election day. Now there is this stunt.

I reached out to the page owner for comment but he wouldn’t talk about the post nor the reasons behind posting it. Oddly enough, later on Thursday the man began publishing text messages and other “information” that he felt needed to be public as he began what seems to be a tell all story of perversion and dirty laundry.

But forget all that–why doesn’t Facebook just remove the politically motivated post of a naked man standing in front of a sex worker and a child? They don’t have a solid response to that other than that it doesn’t violate community standards.

At the very least the video depicts a female sex worker with a sad and degrading look on her face. In the video the woman appears to texting or emailing somebody as the naked man stands in front of her while a small child hurriedly walks behind her. Somehow Facebook thinks that the post is newsworthy and was handled with care.

Obviously, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg do not care about women’s right, sex workers, or children or they’d take down the content.

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