More Than Just A Pup

This is Rhyder, our puppy who we have to send up to the big dog yard in the sky on December 2, 2020.

Rhyder, you were more than “just a pup,” and I don’t think I ever took the time to tell you that. Funny how us humans always find it convenient to think of things we wish we’d have said and done after you have gone far away, when you’re no longer here to pet.

Those floppy ears how they always perked when I’d call you by your name three times in a row. Or how you’d lay there listening when I would complain about something or someone—you always just listened. Empathy and lack of interest is all that you’d often show.

I think of how you laid on the bed silently or how you’d bark at the most inconvenient time. Always when I was recording something—your bark was the most perfectly imperfect line.

You came to our home only a few months ago as a rescue from a public shelter. We had no clue what you had been through for only such a young pup. They say they found you on the side of the road or something—our little man couldn’t pass you up.

Now I know technically you were his dog but part of this family you were. Each one of us loved you in our special way and to us you were more than just a pup.

Even the old dog who was grouchy and set in his ways loved you from the start. Just last week at Thanksgiving when the in-laws friend brought an aggressive dog into their house he stood in between to protect you. Everybody here loved you Rhyder, you had a special place in all our hearts.

When Mom took you to the vet Tuesday morning I wish I would have hugged your neck tight. I swear little buddy I thought I’d see you again in good health, not writing this tear filled ode tonight.

Today when they brought you in convulsing and crying in pain. I’d almost have given anything to see happy again.

When they gave you those shots you quickly calmed down, we knew the end had come. In peace you took your final breath from this unknown pain you’d run.

Though far away your soul did fly to where Heaven only knew. I wish you were little pup, your life was still brand new.

So here I sit and weep and I am not to proud to admit. Man’s best friend, a loyal companion any great accolade for you would fit it.

I almost wish I had not have been there when you took your last breathe of life. But for you little man there is no place I would have rather been than right there by your side.

You may not had known that we were right there—the science tells me so. But in this family’s heart you will forever remain and one day we will meet again I know.

So to Michale you were his pup and to mom you were a hyper friend. To me you were all of the above ’cause I have more use for you dogs than I do most men.

But as you rest in pace tonight in the sky I will look up. The Heavens gained a star tonight and it is our beloved little pup.

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