There is just something about a ship

The MXST Flora prepares to leave Corpus Christi Harbor bound for New Orleans, La. on Sunday. (Credit: Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

I was raised on a ranch far from the sea but that didn’t stop me from coming here. I grew up with my grandfather and father telling stories of Freer, Corpus Christi and a guy named “Oscar.” When I was a kid there was always something that fascinated me about ships and the sea.

Like all boys I read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn—buying me those books may have been the best thing that my mother had ever done for me. As a young man I pondered what it was that I was going to do with my life and what vocation I would chase after. It has taken me a long time to figure it out but finally after battling COVID-19 and not being able to breathe I discovered that I am where I need to be—near the ships.

As an adult I became so fascinated by ships and the sea that I decided that I had to see them for myself. So, I figured out how to hop a freighter and go onboard them for myself. While riding the seas, the roads and the rails I took affection to O. Henry and his wild tales of the Banana Republics. Now, much like the famous writer I find myself amused (and a good bit disgusted) at all this world has to offer. “For whom does the wild sea seek?”

The answer is not within our own vengeance or hatred. The reason is not within our lazy minds. Our weak and pathetic souls can’t comprehend even a mere piece of the power that allows us to simply exist.

Much like God, ships are powerful and mighty beings controlling our every action. They have been since nearly the dawn of time fighting wars, carrying cargo and men—delivering more than goods that we “need” to exist.

For whom do we owe this power? No man nor fabled beast, no Viking nor humble Saint. We owe it to a power—a power beyond our wildest dream.

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