Texas: Where We Make the Rules Up As We Go and As We See Fit

Texas is a place that stinks with arrogance and ignorance. We feel that we are just a little bit better than you and we go out of our way to prove it to you. It is part of the modern way of life here under our believed lone star and it is why we have a tendency to screw things up so badly.

We promote ourselves to be this bastion of freedom and hope rushing to save the rest of the union or set an example of how we think things should be done. Right now Texas is prospering—but the warning is that as quick as they came, they can leave. Business and industry have done it to us before and they will do it again. What you see in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio are real representations of how things are on the whole. They are merely a facade to get you to think that we have it all worked out and prosperity is in the water supply.

Only in Texas could a court force a journalist to be deposed by a private party who is also a former political figure so that politician could discover the source of information that was published about him. Only in Texas would a court find favor with that because the judge just didn’t want the scandal in his court. Only in Texas could a person al injury law firm defend a womanizer and a common crook to help him sniff out a confidential source. Texas wants you to think that the rules just don’t apply here and we can say to Hell with it all. How arrogant have we become?

In Texas we like to think of ourselves of being a little bit larger than life and bigger than you. By default that makes us better and bigger than you. We carry our Texan pride on our shoulders without regard right above the guns on our hips. We trust in God and defend the Holy Land—though many in this state would not even be able to find Israel on a globe. In Texas we are against things that we just don’t understand and they must be regarded as taboo. We are so arrogant that we believe we can solve even the most massive global problems. Isn’t that just like a mentally ill bunch? We can tell you how to fix your problems but damn if we can’t figure out how to fix our own?

I am a native, 6th generation Texan and am very proud of that. What I am not proud of is what we have let this state become. We have allowed it to become the beacon of self-centered and egotistical tyrants who are worse behaved that a toddler that has never had their ass busted. Texans are a scared bunch and we hide that fear and insecurity within our laws and our practices. Come to think of it I am really ashamed to be associated with this bunch of toddlers that we have running and guiding this state. The only reason we worry about economic development is so we can get some of your money for ourselves and spend it lavishly to fund our wild behaviors and lifestyles. Texas “A Friend You Can Live Without.”

Let’s face it—a growing number of Texans are getting behind a so-called “Texit” or something similar. It might not be a technical departure from the United States, but you can damn sure challenge and charge everything that the federal government does until you challenge yourself right to the poor house. Many of the bills we just passed in the legislature will end up in court and public money will be used to fight for their existence. Why? Because we have to prove to the rest of the world that we are right and they are wrong. It is part of the persona of being the J.R. Ewing style of Texan—show ‘em up and shut ‘em up and buy off who you have to in order to get it done!

Perhaps we have failed ourselves. Worse yet, perhaps we have fooled ourselves. Either way we ought to be ashamed.

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