Opinion: The Fine Line Between Rebellion and Revolt

There is a very fine line between rebellion and revolt and it seems that Republicans, especially here in Texas have chosen to walk it. There comes a time in civilized society when you have to ask yourself just which road you are going to follow? Are you going to take the high road and civilly rebel against what you think is wrong or are you going to revolt and act as if you are on some sort of militant agenda? It seems like Texas has chosen the latter.

When you look at trying to come up with a way to overrule of defray a federal position by using the “power of the states” to get your way it makes it look as if you are using your powers lead a revolt—not a rebellion.

The state of Nebraska will be sending a handful of law enforcement to Texas to help secure the border with Mexico very soon. Not only are other states sending out law enforcement to help Texas secure the border under the direction of Governor Abbott, but the state is clearing out a Texas prison near Dilley to “make room” for those who are arrested and charged with state and federal “crimes.” Texas is taking on a federal issue and trading our schools, our state supported infrastructure and badly needed resources in on what seems to be a rebel revolt. But that seems to be the Republican mindset right about now across the country.

Republicans at some point became paranoid around the time that Trump started his bid for public office. Instead of being the party of reason, they became the party of revolt and power driven dissent. The Republican Party went from being a party of values to a party of revolution. But you get the idea that not all Republicans are in lockstep with the idea.

What we have brewing here is a civil rebellion led by Republicans who not only want to retain or regain power, but they will sacrifice the safety and security of the Union as a whole to keep it and prove that they are right. They have become exactly what the forefathers warned us about in the earliest of years.

When Republicans can riot to overtake the United States Capitol and they can encourage other states to join with them to enforce what they deem as federal law, you have nothing more than the possible start of a civil conflict. Republicans have become the party of “We cannot lose,” instead of the voice of calm opposition. The Democrats were always seen as the more rowdy and violent bunch, but that has switched directions. Republicans are now being seen as the “lawless lawful,” or the “civil disobedients” that sparked off the first civil war. It also seems as if Texas wants to be the next battleground and go down in history as “The State That Led The Revolt.” Is that a badge that you want to carry on your shoulders? Do you want to be seen by the rest of the world as “those” people?

If I were President I would strongly consider taking the rights of a state totally away from Texas and using military power to do it. Drastic? Certainly, but what we have here is a state that is rebelling against the entire country and prevailing philosophy. That cannot be ignored or disregarded. I wouldn’t be shocked if there is not some plan in place for such an action to take place if it gets bad enough here in Texas.

Our Attorney General has spent millions of dollars fighting losing battles in the courts over philosophical reasoning. Money that could have been used elsewhere to prove the party line points. We have children sleeping in offices and being neglected because our state can’t figure out a solution to the problem—the Federal courts have already issued stern warnings about that. Our state is in shambles and the tyrants running the show are more worried about abortion rights and permitless carry than they are about the real issues. Former lawmakers are more worried about what their political opponents might have against them so they can hopefully run for office in the “New Texas” one day soon.

Texas has often been seen as the place of visionaries and hopefuls. But nowadays you have to wonder if we are on the right trance or not? Is this part of agenda to have Texas remove itself from the Union? Maybe, because we all know deep down that legally it is next to impossible. But be careful, because these United States could eventually become the next Schengen region of the world, or possibly “The Former United States of America,” if hardline Republicans and some rebellion-minded Texans have their way about it.

Personally, I am glad to see that there are at least a few voices in the GOP that are wiling to make strides and get the party back to secure footing and ease some of the revolting mentality that is poisoning the party. The Republicans in Texas and nationwide need some clear-headed unity to prevail—not mindless revolt. Unless what they want is a country split in half by political idealism again. Remember, there is a very, very fine line between rebellion and revolt. Republicans and Texans, you have a choice to make.

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