ERCOT Says Texans Could See Conservation Measures But They Expect No Blackouts

Wind turbines operate in the summer sun in near Corpus Christi, Texas in July 2021. (Matt Pierce/iStock/Getty)

The leadership of the Texas Public Utility Commission and ERCOT said on Thursday that the state’s beleaguered power grid could see record levels of demand next week. While speaking about the concern, they were also quick to note that they felt no black outs are expected, but interim CEO Brad Jones says calls for conservation could happen.

As the state’s utility leaders spoke on Thursday, the ERCOT energy grid found itself operating at 84.09% of rated capacity. Only 9.38% of that was coming from wind generators and only another 9.66% of that capacity was coming from solar sources.

Jones and PUC Chairman Peter Lake spent most of their time trying to calm fears that the grid itself is stable. Jones said that next week ERCOT could have as much as 80,000 megawatts of electricity on the grid if needed.

Since the massive freeze earlier this year ERCOT said that they had inspected 31 power generation sites before June, and will soon be conducting site visits to locations that had problems during Winter freeze that left Texans in the cold—or dead.

ERCOT also said that a redesign of the overall grid market is expected to be done by end of the year. Officials claimed that they are transitioning from affordability to reliability. Even with that, they maintained that consumers would see no increase on their monthly bills.

In addition to the major freeze the occurred back in February, ERCOT asked Texans back in June to conserve power for about a week as temperatures climbed in the state and more power generators than usual were offline.

Matt Pierce wrote this content from Texas.

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