A Few Reflections In Black and White

A small house in the middle of a town known as Freer, Texas. This is where both sides of my family came from. Before that they came from Wharton, Indianola and even New England! They had names like Sidney, Abelhead and Gunther. The early ones came to Texas. The other ones survived Texas. Now, the younger realize it exactly for what it is.
It is more than abandoned houses and locked up businesses. Reality is that rural Texas is dying and nearly every reason you could think of is to blame. Everything from oil to disease to a lack of dependable high speed internet and cable. The realization is that for al that they do they keep getting passed by.
Some fences are made to keep bad people out. Some fences are made to good people in. It depends on how you look at it. Texas and America aren’t that easy to escape from these days—perhaps it is by design?
Reflections are few around here. When they happen they often aren’t very deep in context. One side wants us to change, the other wants us to stay the same. Both equally as demanding and annoying.

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