Major preparations underway along upper Texas Coast ahead of Hurricane Laura

Matt Pierce Preparations began on Tuesday for us expected to be the landfall of a major hurricane somewhere between San Luis Pass in Texas and the middle coast of Louisiana Wednesday night into Thursday.  Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta has issued a Voluntary Evacuation for low-lying coastal communities outside the protection levee. Places like SurfsideContinue reading “Major preparations underway along upper Texas Coast ahead of Hurricane Laura”

AAA Texas: Fuel supplies should remain stable amid hurricanes

AAA Texas says that despite Tropical Storm Marco and Hurricane Laura wreaking havoc in the Gulf of Mexico, fuel supplies should remain stable. The auto services group said that according to the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, approximately 58%, or 1.065 million barrels per day of crude production in theContinue reading “AAA Texas: Fuel supplies should remain stable amid hurricanes”

Texas Gulf Coast Residents Begin To Prepare For Laura and Marco

As Marco continues to cling to life some residents along the Texas Gulf Coast are making preparations for what could be a major hurricane later in the week. The threat that Laura is posing to the Texas Gulf Coast has even caused some leaders to call for evacuation orders.  The City of Galveston Mayor ProContinue reading “Texas Gulf Coast Residents Begin To Prepare For Laura and Marco”

Gulf Coast Residents Are Keeping Watch On The Tropics

Gulf Coast residents are keeping a close eye on the tropics as two systems loomed out in the Atlantic Basin on Tuesday. The destiny of these tropical waves is still very uncertain but residents and government officials are planning and watching closely, getting ready for “just in case.” Here in Corpus Christi and South TexasContinue reading “Gulf Coast Residents Are Keeping Watch On The Tropics”

Leaving and The Coming Home

This land is my home and like many, I have often left and returned believing that the pastures were greener someplace else. My travels have taken me around the world. Exotic places islands and legendary urban centers, tiny African villages and the broad mountain capped skies of the Rockies and Himalayas. Nothing on earth comparesContinue reading “Leaving and The Coming Home”

Not all of the world is in turmoil

I just saw where our Governor here in Texas has called in the National Guard to help control the protestors in Austin. That is not all that far away from where I just snapped this picture. I shot this while my wife and I were out for an evening drive and the turmoil is happeningContinue reading “Not all of the world is in turmoil”

My mixed thoughts today about heroes

I am sitting here at my hotel room in Texas watching this rocket launch of the first American astronauts from American soil in eleven years. How exciting is that? But there is a dichotomy about today. Just down the road there are also people protesting over the death of an African-American man at the handsContinue reading “My mixed thoughts today about heroes”

Thoughts On “The Soul Through All Hell”

Can you believe that the day has finally come to release the recent novel! Yes, I know it is short, but I feel that it has a powerful message that we all need to hear. At its heart, the book is about love and kindness and listening for those “still small voices.” Sometimes I absolutelyContinue reading “Thoughts On “The Soul Through All Hell””

I Understand Where You Are Coming From

I grew up in the small farming community of Floresville, Texas during the 1980s and 90s. We had a library with a wonderful selection of books and reference materials and we had a museum where you would occasionally go on a grade school field trip or something. But really there wasn’t much. Yes, we hadContinue reading “I Understand Where You Are Coming From”