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Professional Photojournalists Can Learn Some Lessons From American Farmers—Really

I spend plenty of time in the fields with farmers who teach me about their craft and their trade so…

ERCOT Says Texans Could See Conservation Measures But They Expect No Blackouts

The leadership of the Texas Public Utility Commission and ERCOT said on Thursday that the state’s beleaguered power grid could see record levels of demand next week. While speaking about the concern, they were also quick to note that they felt no black outs are expected, but interim CEO Brad Jones says calls for conservation could happen.

Texas: Where We Make the Rules Up As We Go and As We See Fit

We promote ourselves to be this bastion of freedom and hope rushing to save the rest of the union or set an example of how we think things should be done. Right now Texas is prospering—but the warning is that as quick as they came, they can leave.