There is just something about a ship

I was raised on a ranch far from the sea but that didn’t stop me from coming here. I grew up with my grandfather and father telling stories of Freer, Corpus Christi and a guy named “Oscar.” When I was a kid there was always something that fascinated me about ships and the sea. LikeContinue reading “There is just something about a ship”

More Than Just A Pup

Rhyder, you were more than “just a pup,” and I don’t think I ever took the time to tell you that. Funny how us humans always find it convenient to think of things we wish we’d have said and done after you have gone far away, when you’re no longer here to pet. Those floppyContinue reading “More Than Just A Pup”

Harvest Moon on full display for us all to see

I love the moon. There is just something fascinating about it to me and I hope there always will be. Tonight is a Full Harvest Moon, the first full moon closest to the autumn equinox. Later this month on October 31, 2020 we will be in the presence of a “Blue Moon,” though not actuallyContinue reading “Harvest Moon on full display for us all to see”