The Americanas

Some live to only get by because they have fallen through the cracks of what the governed feel society ought to be. They are punished for being poor while many of the wealthy seek more power and self-justification. People like Juan are the Americanas .
They’ve lived and worked these troubled fields of their native soil for as long as they have lived. While many were born here, many were not. The Americanas are a different breed—they exist to meet a challenge with joy and with a tenacious spirit that no privileged or powerful can understand.
Their faces are pink from the scars of life that have worn them down. Their eyes cry with social tragedy dealt to them by the governors and the privileged of society. They sleep on the streets at night and wonder where their next meal is going to come from. The Americanas are lost among a society that has forgotten them and so-called charities that exist mostly for their own good as Federal tax shelters.
The Americanas for the most part get along together despite what the media and special interest groups claim are the “facts” of the matter. Most of these Americanas are capable of seeing beyond the differences and beyond the politics. They sit together, talk together, live together and easily coexist—together,
Some Chief Executive Officers among the Americanas are practical people who actually care for the world that they live in and is borrowed. They see opportunities for a better tomorrow for all and they work towards it quietly. They give more than they take. Not all of the Americanas are the same.
Some of the Americanas suffered at the hands of their government during the pandemic era. They struggled through the best way that they knew how and they met the challenge with as much courage as they could find among themselves. The Americanas are a giving people who believe in the idea of taking care of each other. While the political leaders of the Americanas try their best to divide them they remained one despite what they were being told by their media and their heartless dictators.
Some of the elected fight among the dictators understanding the plight of the Americanas. They work to find a middle ground and calm the division that other political leaders try and present at every turn to keep the Americanas in debt to them and their agenda.
Some of the Americanas are running for political office and defeating the rich, privileged powerful. They are doing what they can to defeat the communist Republican and Democrat parties that rule their country like a modern day Soviet Union with a few more laws.
For some of the Americanas there is a hope that the younger generation will be able to overthrow their dictators and ignore the calls of the radical extreme Left and Right movement that is holding them captive. Many of the Americanas are hoping for a revolution that finally restores justice and unity among this slowly decaying society.
But for too many of the Americanas their backs remain against the wall. They are addicted to drugs that they were once given legally and they criminalized for not living within societies “normals.” Many of the Americanas remain captive to the privileged society that put them in chains to begin with. For the Americanas they have been told that they live in “The Land of The Free” but they are held captive by a “National of Laws.”
The Americanas live in a country that is little more than a fake. They live among a crumbling facade known as America. Much of it is so broke and in despair that the former Yogoslovia looked more prosperous than what the privileged have made turned their Americana into. America: The Great Facade of Freedom.

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