Between Narratives Is Reality

I’m Matt Pierce. I’m a photojournalist, investigative reporter and student of the world around us. My work does not stop with just getting an image—it only begins there. When fear keeps some from seeking out the story I go and get it. Wherever the story goes, I go there with it. We live in a world of controlled narratives and somewhere in between is the reality.

Driving Conversations

Best known for his exploration photography, Matt Pierce has a restless curiosity for the unknown: remote landscapes, our changing climate, and how we can meet the ever-expanding needs of humanity. A regular contributor to various publications, he has explored subjects ranging from the remotest stretches of Texas to the largest coal mine in America.

Since 2010, Matt has completed more than 40 major photo essays for 10 organizations. His works have been featured across multiple platforms around the world.

Born in Texas in 1981, Matt began studying the world from a young age. He began his career in editorial photojournalism after exploring rural poverty in his home state. Matt also frequently shoots social documentary projects, aviation and other high performance activities. He lives in Texas with his wife and family.

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No Matter Where The Story Goes

Matt Pierce Takes You There.

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Contact Matt Pierce via email at matt@mattpierceblog.com


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From social media content to custom artwork for your home or place of business Matt Pierce can help you with the content that you need. Matt can help with telling your story or he can dig into the big issue for your publication in a 360 degree manner with well-written content, original artwork, videos and more. Hire Matt today for your next project.

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