Between Narratives Is Reality

Matt Pierce believes in the idea that everything is how it seems, and nothing is how it seems—in between is the truth. Matt takes his work to the extreme investigating root causes, finding stories that affect our daily lives and tell the story of the everyday person in America. From urban to rural and everywhere in between, Matt is dedicated to finding the story.

About Matt Pierce

Faith. Family. Community.

Matt’s work is based on three pillars: Faith. Family. Community. All of Matt’s content has a tie somehow to those three things. Matt is a Christian (Latter Day-Saint) and believes in each person’s right to choose how they live their lives. He is a firm believer in family. Matt and his family live on the Texas Coast and they are active in church, school and community events. As clear in his reporting, his art and books, Matt is also a firm believer in community and that we all relate in someway shape or form. As a content creator and journalist, Matt remains at the front of the game by keeping people front and center.

Matt’s Work


Matt’s journalism work has been seen by millions around the world. He has appeared on BBC, CNN, CBS News, NBC News and many others. He has covered breaking news from natural and manmade disasters to politics and political corruption. In addition to these global outlets Matt has been features on other outlets such as the Victoria Advocate, CBS Austin, The Daily Beast and is frequently seen in the Washington Post. He is also publisher of his own hyperlocal news website http://www.southsidelightnews.com.

Artist and Writer

As an artist, Matt’s work has been on display across the country and adorns hotels across the country. His dedication to his craft brings pleasure to those who can appreciate his natural talent as a photographic artist. Predominantly known for his landscapes, cityscapes and human interest photographs, Matt is a well-respected source for custom artwork. To his credit, Matt is also a writer. He has published “The Soul Through All Hell,” a Latter-Day Saint work of fiction detailing life after death. Matt is also working on several biographies and autobiographies.

Brand Development

Matt helps brands create content that drives home their mission and their product. He has been involved with projects working with the United States National Weather Service, MiLB, Choice Brand Hotels and Marriott Worldwide. He has also worked with several athletic organizations and various public figures and airlines to help promote their messages and their brands. When it comes to promoting a brand Matt is a master at delivering quality results for his customers. His dedication to perfection is second to none.


What People Say

Matt has helped us so much by capturing the local scenery that we use in all of our rooms. It brings an added touch of comfort to our guests. He is a professional with a brilliant eye for capturing the best scenes.

Mohammed Jezorluelha, Choice Hotels Franchise Owner

His work has brought light to a very serious problem among our homeless population. While no city has the answer, Matt works to make sure that their stories are told with detail and compassion. His heart shows in his work.

Allison Blackmon, Damascus Ministries International


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Work With A Professional

From social media content to custom artwork for your home or place of business Matt Pierce can help you with the content that you need. Matt can help with telling your story or he can dig into the big issue for your publication in a 360 degree manner with well-written content, original artwork, videos and more. Hire Matt today for your next project.